From: Amanda & Ryan Feedback

We just wanted to say thanks for the terrific job you did on our wedding day, we couldn’t of been happier!  The ceremony was excellent and the reception was exceptional.  The dance floor was packed and we saw people up there we wouldn’t have imagined would have been up dancing;  Amanda’s uncle who is known for being reserved and serious was up there several times and her cousin had said “Did you see my dad, I couldn’t believe it, up there dancing and laughing!”.  So we just wanted to let you know what a great job you did and we would gladly recommend you to any of your future clients,


Thanks for everything!


Ryan & Amanda

From: Kristy & Levi Feedback

Thank YOU for letting us be a part of your special day!!

From: Sean & Glen Feedback

This is simply a small thank you carrying the weight of a huge thank you. You are amazing.

From: Lee-Anne & Gord Feedback

Congratulations and thank you to Lee-Anne and Gord for the kind words: “I just wanted to say thank you so much for Saturday! You were amazing and we had a blast! Again, you were awesome!!!”

From: Alex & Jimmy Feedback

A beautiful “Thank you” card from the newlyweds, Alex & Jimmy. It was an honour to be a part of your big day!




From: Amy & Erick Feedback

You sure had everyone on the dance floor the entire night!! Sooo much fun!

The music played a HUGE role in our day, from start to finish, and we could not have done it without you.  We had quite a few songs that we wanted to start playing at a certain point in the song and you executed them perfectly.  Our guests were dancing all night long thanks to you!  Looking at some of the photos we have, the dance floor was jam packed!!  You took notice what songs people responded to and continued to play more of that genre and then you knew when it was time to switch it up.  It was so wonderful that we were able to have a DJ that knows us on a little more of a personal level and I think it showed in how much fun Erick and I had ourselves.  So thank you once again.



From: Shannon & Danny Feedback

Danny and I genuinely had the time of our lives! We were just so happy that everything ran so smoothly, and that anytime things didn’t we were definitely unaware of it! You did a fantastic job and I heard nothing but good things from guests and staff. I am glad that you were such a great fit with us and I really just want to thank you for all your hard work, and a job well done.

From: Kristin & Chris Feedback

Really wanted you to know, you rocked the place. Great great job. You got down into the party, felt out the vibe and had the party deck bouncing.

From: Sierra & Nick Feedback

We just wanted to say thanks again for everything- it all went wonderfully and we couldn’t have asked for anything more! We had an awesome dance party going thank you so much!
Sierra & Nick 🙂

From: Leanne & Ryan Feedback

Thank you times a million!


We wanted to thank you profusely for your outstanding DJing at our wedding. We received many great compliments and feedback about our wedding and one thing that kept coming up from our guests was how much they loved the music. Both the older and younger guests all said the music was great! You were able to read the crowd so well and play to the tastes of those on the dance floor while consistently bringing others up from the bar area. The dance floor was the place to be and I’m glad you could tap into people’s musical interests and get them up dancing!
We were at a wedding this past weekend and let’s just say the DJ our friend’s hired made us really appreciate your abilities! You truly did a wonderful job and brought out the “partiers” in some of our guests, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

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